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Karel Lodewijk Filliers is born in Bachte-Maria-Leerne. He was the man who came up with the idea of introducing jenever distillation to the family’s farming activities.

The post-war period

The brothers Louis and Carlos Filliers (4th generation of Filliers) take over the reins of the Filliers Distillery.

This is a heavy responsibility to take on in the wake of WWII. But this 4th generation laid the foundations for the current Filliers family company and were responsible for uninterrupted growth over a great many years.

Launch of Fruit Jenevers (1986)

Filliers launches its assortment of Filliers Fruit Jenevers. And in so doing brings all the pleasure of unadulterated jenever to non-jenever drinkers.

Filliers continues to apply its strict quality norms to the production processes for these refreshing combinations of jenever and fresh fruit juice. A splash of colour brightens up the assortment.

Velvety cream jenevers join the Filliers family of products (1998)

Filliers expands its assortment of liqueurs with newcomers Filliers Cream Jenevers, more specifically the chocolate, vanilla, coconut and banana varieties. Shortly thereafter the Cream Jenevers assortment is joined by amaretto and speculoos.

Behind their unique and authentic aromas are the rich flavours of the natural ingredients combined with Filliers Jenever and cream.

Goldlys – the first Belgian whisky (2007)

Filliers wrote history when it launched the first whisky in Belgian bars.

This ‘double distilled’ whisky aged in oak barrels is named after the golden River Lys that flows past the distillery.

A new look for the Filliers 30° jenever (2013)

The image of the 30° Jenever, the unique spirit that formed the bedrock of the company back in 1880, is the subject of a review process and benefits form a newer, more modern visual identity. Just enough of a change to ensure it fits in with the latest market trends. Karel Lodewijk would be proud, because Filliers remains true to its authentic, perfectly balanced recipe.

What better springboard to enable Filliers to launch into the future. It looks stunning. Filliers has remained true to the principles of the past: distilling and distributing premium spirits without flavouring or colouring agents. All of which have passed the stringent in-house quality controls.

To the great joy of true connoisseurs.

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