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Famous Grouse

Here at The Famous Grouse, we’re great believers in the idea that life’s not about seeking fame
– it’s about doing the right thing. If you focus on doing something well, fame will find you. 

This is a philosophy that’s been at the heart of our business since 1800. 
Our founder Matthew Gloag sought out the employees and suppliers with the perfect blend of skills and expertise. 
And it was these people who came together to create the Grouse brand. 
His vision was simple: to create the best quality blended whisky.

Over time, his brand grew in popularity and was eventually renamed “The Famous Grouse”. 
Today, we still have a firm foot in our origins. Things have evolved of course, but our guiding principles, 
our Four Fundamentals, and our way of doing business remain the same. We still bring together the finest grains, 
pure Scottish water and carefully seasoned sherry and bourbon casks
to create our uniquely rich, rounded and sweet whisky. 

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Famous Grouse

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