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Ron Millionario 10 Aniversario Reserva Old

Spirits - Rum - Peru - Millonario

Ron Millionario 10 Aniversario Reserva Old

39,70 €

Originally Peruvian Millonario 10 year old Aniversario Reserva rum is produced in a distillery more than a century old. Millonario 10 Years Aniversario Reserva is a mixed rum, two-thirds of which comes from rum that has matured for 6 years in barrels from the Heaven Hill distillery in Kentucky. These American ex-Bourbon casks were used only once before they were used for part of the blend that forms the 10-year-old Millonario. The last third of this mixture - just like the XO and the 15 year old of the range - was 10 years old in barrels that formerly contained Sherry Oloroso. The nose of this Millonario expresses orange, tea and vanilla aromas. Taste: the taste is characterised by the sweetness and softness of honey-coloured notes, accompanied by dried and candied fruit (grapes, lemon). Finish: The aftertaste of this 10-year-old Millonario rum has the flavours of walnut, dark chocolate and plum.

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